Ayer's Island

Ayer’s Island is a well-known spot on Lake Conroe, located near the southern end of the lake. It’s a small 1.5 acre island that has gained popularity among boaters and recreational enthusiasts for various activities. Here’s what you can expect at Ayer’s Island on Lake Conroe:

  1. Boating: Ayer’s Island is accessible by boat, making it a popular destination for boaters on Lake Conroe. You can anchor your boat nearby and explore the island or enjoy the surrounding waters.
  2. Swimming and Relaxing: Many visitors to Ayer’s Island enjoy swimming in the lake’s clear waters or relaxing on the shores of the island. It’s a serene spot to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Conroe.
  3. Picnicking and Camping: The island offers picnic areas where you can enjoy a meal with family and friends. Some visitors also opt for camping on the island, although overnight camping may be subject to regulations and permits.
  4. Fishing: Fishing is a popular activity around Ayer’s Island, with anglers trying their luck at catching bass, catfish, crappie, and other freshwater species found in Lake Conroe.
  5. Nature Watching: Ayer’s Island is surrounded by scenic beauty, including lush vegetation and diverse wildlife. Birdwatchers may spot various bird species, including herons, egrets, and waterfowl.
  6. Social Gatherings: The island occasionally sees social gatherings and events organized by boating and outdoor enthusiast groups. These events can range from small get-togethers to larger gatherings with music and food.
  7. Exploring Surrounding Areas: Ayer’s Island is conveniently located near other attractions on Lake Conroe, such as marinas, restaurants, and parks. Visitors can explore nearby areas and enjoy a variety of recreational activities.

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Island rehabilitation project on Lake Conroe complete
Rehabilitation of Lake Conroe’s Ayers Island has been completed and all San Jacinto River Authority officials are waiting on now is for it to rain so the newly-planted grass seed will grow. The SJRA has spent $50,000 to fully bulkhead the island to protect it from the weather and wave-induced erosion that over the years have chiseled the island from slightly more than four acres to its present size of about 1.5 acres.

Also, the river authority has cleaned up the island, removed all trash containers and debris and has planted new foliage.

A pier that will be used exclusively by law enforcement and emergency vessels is being completed now, and public use of the island has been fully restored.

“The only problem we are having right now is that for some reason, boats which will haul picnic goods, drink coolers and the like out to the island, for some reason, are unable to haul the resulting trash off the island,” said SJRA’s Blake Kellum, manager for Lake Conroe.

“They are leaving behind nice, tidy little bags of trash, but the new rules are that if you haul it out to the island, you haul it off the island or face being fined,” Kellum said. “We are very serious about this and there is a zero-tolerance policy toward littering on Ayers Island.”

Link to original article: https://www.chron.com/news/article/Island-rehabilitation-project-on-Lake-Conroe-1981610.php

Historical article about commercializing Ayer’s Island: https://www.chron.com/neighborhood/article/Fate-of-Lake-Conroe-Island-undecided-9793150.php